TEG-DVK-02 TEG Power Generation Development Kit

Waste Heat Power Generation Development Kit

Complete kit including TE module, boost circuits, theory and experiments.

The TEG Development Kit provides the theoretical background needed for evaluating a candidate application. In addition to the large amount of science underpinning the technology, there is also a large amount of art. The TEG Developer’s Kit highlights the issues, potential, and “tricks-of-the-trade” needed for a successful implementation. The components in the kit allow the construction of prototypes for many device applications with easily reconfigurable modular components.

Contents Include:

  • Developed in cooperation with TXL Group, a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric solutions for capturing waste heat energy.
  • High efficiency TE module, 199 couple, 200°C max rated.
  • Two electronic converter circuits.
  • Two heat sinks, one with low power fan attached.
  • Probes, test leads, and test loads.
  • Heat source, stand, foam insulation.
  • Detailed manual with;
  • Thermoelectric theory
    • Device contruction explanation
    • Schematics for the conversion
      electronics needed to step up low
      input voltages.
    • Experiments highlighting the issues
      and trade-offs confronting the


Note: This kit requires the use of a multimeter and a digital thermometer.  Please see the following if you need either of these devices.

EE-MS8264 is a Digital Multimeter and thermometer in one

EE-MS6501 is a simple low cost Digital Thermometer

EE-MS6512 is a Dual input Digital Thermometer


  • Part Number: TEG-DVK-02
Power generation development kit for generating electrical power from waste heat. Developers kit
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  • Item #: TEG-DVK-02
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TEG-DVK-02
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